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The Heru Core

Today's black boys are tomorrow's black men. We must prepare them for the world they will inherit. We must prepare them to take control of their future world. That preparation begins with reintroducing them to the most effective and principle philosophies of our honored ancestors. 

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Action over Reaction
Offensive over Defensive

In order to redirect negative future outcomes into positive future outcomes Black Men must aggressively work to alter the course of our children. Which means our children must have within their minds attitudes and philosophies that will guarantee they make appropriate decisions throughout the course of their lives.

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How to Love the African Woman

In order to properly and effectively love our sisters we must first understand African Womanhood and functionality. We offer a course that studies Afuraitkaitnit Obaatan as well as other publications and articles that will help Black Men understand and interact positively and effectively with our sisters.

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Kojo Maati

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Uab Odwira

Kradin ye Nyamewaa-Nyame okyeame

The soul-name is the spokesperson of the Supreme Being to your spirit

Wotumi fra mogya, nanso wontumi mfra Okra/Okraa

The blood may be mixed, but the Divine soul cannot be mixed

aborofo ye akyiwadefo na akyiwadefo nyinaa nye aborofo

All of the whites and their offspring are spirits of disorder/Divinely hated, but all spirits of disorder are not white

Owu nyan nnipa nna nkwa mu

Death wakes up those who sleep through life

Nkrabea hye sunsum tie asem Okra/Okraa

It is the nkrabea that makes the sunsum (spirit) obey the Okra/Okraa (Soul)

Obaa ye ofa, obarima ye ofa ne obra bo Asaase fi mu

"Woman is half, Man is half" is the law of ethical existence in the house of the Earth Mother

Sankofa dwira suban Afurakafo/Afuratkatfo

Sankofa purifies the character of Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut

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